Laughter Yoga is a mind and body experience that allows us to tap into our natural state of childlike playfulness and JOY! It is a combination of prompts and games to make the sounds of laughter, and then natural laughter quickly follows.


It is not a yoga class with poses and then laughing. There is no “plank” or “downward dog.” Rather, the  “Yoga” in Laughter Yoga speaks to the connection of mind, body, and spirit. Laughter Yoga is a place for creativity, imagination, and human connection in a light and playful way.


Why is “laughter [yoga]is the best medicine”? The health benefits of laughter are innumerable. One, laughter pumps the body with fresh oxygen via the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Second, we release important chemicals and endorphins when we laugh, even if we fake it! These chemicals create our happy experience and more importantly, are an antidote to stress.


Through my Laughter Yoga workshops, you will:


  • Laugh, and learn how to bring more laughter to your life

  • Learn why laughter is called “the best medicine”

  • Explore skills to cultivate joy

  • Experience the power of positive emotion

  • Release stress

  • Have a fun, silly and educational time, all at the same time


I offer customized 60-90 minute Laughter Yoga workshops to church groups, synagogues, community groups, employers, and more. I offer workshops at mindfulness, meditation and yoga retreats. And I offer workshops to bring play and fun to corporate conferences and events.


I’m currently offering classes at                                     Glen Echo, MD


Click to contact me to learn about organizing Laughter Yoga sessions for your community or workplace.


What a Laughter Yoga class looks like:

1.Information introduction

We talk about what we'll be doing and what some benefits are.


2. Body movement/warm up

   Gentle movement to create openness in the body.


3. Laughter games

  Prompts and imaginative scenarios to create communal and individual laughing experience.


4.Laughter meditation/relaxation

 Mindful breathing and relaxation guidance to deepen the experience and connections.


5. Check-in

A time to share our experience.


At the end of the class, you’ll feel relaxed, de-stressed, likely a bit silly, and heartwarmingly happy.


Laughter Yoga is a fun class where we tap back into joy, creativity, and connection.

No matter where we are, or what we're going through in life, laughter has a magical way of bringing us together through happiness. This class offers that experience.


Classes can be customized to your community. Reach out and let me organize a Laughter Yoga class for you.