I have received Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy in-person and over the phone with a number of different practitioners. I've had both kinds of sessions with Sarah. She is the one I want to call again and again for several reasons.


First of all, she creates a container that is so profoundly safe and respectful, I can drop deep into relaxation and access any level of my being. 


Second of all, the quality of her touch is so loving, it challenges me to expand how much love I am capable of receiving from the world. 


Thirdly, the way Sarah attends to and dialogues with my system brings us to a place of resonance that is so finely tuned to my needs and desires that things I had no idea were in my system can arise for healing. 


Fourth, Sarah gently supports and encourages my embodiment during sessions with great sensitivity. Her timing and pacing are perfectly attuned. And our time after the session verbally integrating what we each perceived is always exciting, enlightening, and supportive of my on-going healing, physically, emotionally, and psycho spiritually. 


As a teacher, I find that Sarah creates and facilitates joyful, dynamic, multi-sensory, whole-being learning experiences that leads to lasting embodied memory, complete with imagery, metaphors, and a sense of empowered ownership and creative license with the ideas and material she has conveyed.

                                                                                                                              - Nets M. 

Sarah is a deeply receptive and powerful healing practitioner. She listened, not only to my words during our remote session, but also to the deep language of my energy and body structure. 

She uses a multidimensional and integrative approach, and it really helped me feel free to express myself, release my blockages, and get creative with the process.

Sarah is a profoundly deep spiritual being, she is gifted in her healing art and brings tremendous value to her clients.


Thank you Sarah for the powerful ways you impacted my healing journey!                                                                                                                                      

                                                                                                                                      - Courtney L.